Certified Kitchen for Tier 1


Certified Kitchen for Tier 1

from 100.00

Applicant must be a homestead resident, a un-divided interest lessee 21 years or older, or a community based organization in the Kapolei Region.

For more information review our policies and procedures below.

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The Kapolei Heritage Center (KHC) represents the vision of homestead residents.  Kapolei Community Development Corporation (KCDC) board members have worked very hard over several long years and continue their efforts to fulfil our homestead communities’ vision.

Our facility reflects a sense of pride of our board, partners, supporters, and most importantly homestead residents in the Kapolei Region.  KCDC will manage it professionally and responsibly, and look to you to help us malama our facility and grounds.

With our mission in mind and to support small business enterprise for our homestead residents; our rental fees are tailored to be less than or comparable to similar facilities in the area.  Fees collected will help offset operation, maintenance and administrative costs.  

If you have any questions, or if we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask our Facility Coordinator.

Kapolei Community Development Corporation



Monday – Thursday     9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Friday – Saturday         9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Hours may be arranged to accommodate new or start-up businesses.


Tier 1: Applicant must be a homestead resident, a un-divided interest lessee 21 years or older, or acommunity based organization in the Kapolei Region.

Tier 2: Applies to all persons, businesses, and organizations who do not meet Tier 1 requirements.

Tier 3: Applies to Kapolei homestead associations, and community based non-profit organizations who provide their service at no cost to homestead residents in the Kapolei Region.


Tier 1: $25.00 per hour (Minimum of 4 hours)

Tier 2: $37.50 per hour (Minimum of 4 hours)

Tier 3: In-Kind Services



Total rental fee noted on the application must be paid no later than 15 days before the reserved date.  Failure to pay the total amount due, will result in cancellation without notice.


Applicant pays first months’ rental fee when finalizing application and agreement; and will receive a monthly invoice thereafter.             

KCDC may amend its’ fee structure at any time, without notice.


Tier 1: $250.00

Tier 2: $250.00

Tier 3: In-Kind Services

Must be paid when finalizing reservation arrangements and will be applied toward:

.  Holding the reservation

.  Cleaning costs if facility is not cleaned to KHC’s standards at $25.00 per hour

.  Replacement and/or repair of damages to facility and/or equipment over the  amount of the security deposit will be invoiced to client.

Security deposit may not be applied toward rental fee.

Security Deposit check or money order will be returned to applicant after applicants’ event, upon receipt of applicants’ request to cancel, or at the end of the rental period.


Full Refund:    30 days before the reserved date

50% Refund:  15 days before the reserved date

No Refund:     Less than 15 days before the reserved date


Full refund at the end of the rental period less any outstanding payments due and; cost of cleaning, repair and/or replacement of equipment.


All request must be e-mailed to the Facility Coordinator at: joe96817@gmail.com


Tier 1: Reservations may be made up to 12 months in advance; and are allowed 2 rentals within a 12 month period.

Tier 2: Reservations may be made up to 3 months in advance;  and are allowed 2 rentals within a 12 month period.

Tier 3: Reservations may be made up to 12 months in advance.

Commercial:  Short Term:  1 to 3 months       Long Term:  4 months or more

Contact Facility Coordinator for availability and additional information.

Reservations may not be transferred or dates exchanged with another person.


KCDC has established a “first come - first serve, subject to availability” policy, with first preference to Kapolei homestead residents and homestead associations.

Scheduled events will influence availability and must be checked before reservations can be confirmed.  


Applicant will receive an e-mail if the date and time requested is not available, or notification of availability of the date and time requested and an application with the amount of security deposit and rental fee. 

Applicant has 3 days from the date of the e-mail to finalize reservation arrangements. 

A reservation is not considered confirmed until the application has been signed by the Facility Coordinator and applicant; and the security deposit is paid in full.


KCDC will maintain a Back-Up list of no more than 3 people on a “first come - first serve” basis for a date that is already reserved.  Should that date become available, the Facility Coordinator will contact people in the order received to inquire if there is still interest to reserve the facility.  



Applicant must complete an application, bring a picture ID, and a form of verification of homestead residency; i.e. utility or phone bill to the site visit that will be arranged by the Facility Coordinator.


Before reserving the kitchen, applicant must arrange a meeting with the Facility Coordinator and be prepared to provide: 

1.  Completed Application

2.  Drivers License

3.  DDCA Registration Form 

4.  Business Plan 

5.  Hawaii General Excise Tax License                

6.  Department of Health Approved Permit 

7.  General Liability - Certificate of Insurance (Minimum 1 million dollar coverage)                 

8.  Schedule of Kitchen Usage   


To cancel a reservation, applicant must e-mail the Facility Coordinator.  If applicant does not receive confirmation of the cancellation notice within 24 hours, applicant should call the Facility Coordinator at:  389-2006.


Security deposit and rental fee may be made by check or money order payable to:

 Kapolei Community Development Corporation

When a reservation is confirmed 15 days or less of an event, Rental Fee and Security Deposit must be paid by money order.


Applicant is responsible for all fees charged to KCDC as a result of a check being denied payment due to insufficient funds by the applicants’ financial institution. 

KCDC considers an NSF check as non-payment of the security deposit or rental fee.

Applicant will have 3 business days to pay the security deposit and/or rental fee, and fees charged to KCDC in the form of a money order.  If applicant does not pay within 3 business days, the reservation will be cancelled, any refund is subject to the cancellation policy. 


Upon check-in, the Facility Coordinator will do an inspection of the facility and grounds with the applicant.

Facility Coordinator will also review proper and safe usage of equipment, location of circuit breaker box, gas and water valves, and operation of fire extinguisher.  

At the end of the applicants’ reserved time, the Facility Coordinator will do a check-out inspection with the client.


Applicant is responsible for ensuring:

.  Compliance with Hawaii Revised Statue §281-101.5 Prohibitions Involving Minors.

.  Consumption by helpers/guests is managed to avoid disorderly conduct, destruction of property, or pose a threat to the safety of the general public.


In accordance with state laws, smoking is prohibited inside the facility and 20 feet from exterior doors.

Applicant is responsible for instructing his/her helpers/guests to use the designated smoking area to smoke (including electronic smoking devices) and dispose of their cigarette butts.


Applicant is responsible for ensuring his/her helpers/guests adhere to KCDC’s Zero Tolerance policy of illegal drug use anywhere on the premises. 


Any form of gambling is prohibited at any time in the facility or on the premises.


Music and noise must remain controlled so as not to disturb surrounding residents and comply with State Health Department noise code regulations.  Noise level must not exceed 55 DBL (decibel level) at property line; 45 DBL after 10:00 p.m.


When not occupied, limited parking spaces are available in the parking lot on Kamakahelei Street; or on-street parking on the Ewa side of Kamakahelei Street. 

KCDC is not responsible for any damage to or theft of vehicles or their contents when using KHC facility.

Applicant and his/her helpers/guests are encouraged to respect the property, privacy, and peaceful enjoyment of the residents who live along Kamakahelei Street.


KCDC allows a 20 minute grace period at no charge to ENSURE the facility is cleaned to our standards. Clients are encouraged to respect other people using the facility after them and plan appropriately.

One-half of the hourly rate for each half hour beyond the 20 minute grace period will becharged to the client.


The Facility Coordinator or any member of KCDC’s board will have unrestricted access to the facility at all times for the purpose of ensuring appropriate use of the facility by the applicant and guests.  Violation of the facility policies may result in ending the event, forfeiture of security deposit, suspension or loss of rental privileges. 


KCDC reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time with just cause, i.e. false or inaccurate information provided by the client.


Close proximity of our facility to nearby residents requires KCDC to be good neighbors. 

Complaints from residents will be taken very seriously.  KCDC will impose loss of rental privilege to the applicant and anyone residing at the address on the applicants’ application for the following:

.  Abusive and/or disrespectful behavior toward residents

.  Altercation or fight

.  Police intervention


Applicants using KHCK facilities are expected to follow all Department of Health sanitation requirements as well as keep the kitchen in a clean and professional state. Applicants are also expected to properly clean and sanitize after their shift, to be ready for use by the next user.

Our kitchen may be busy at times, it is important that the kitchen remain professional and clean for visitors; whether it’s the health department, other clients, or other people. 

Any Department Of Health fines incurred by KCDC as a direct result of a client or anyone assisting the client who fails to abide by these policies; will be charged to the client.


The Department of Health standards for cooking times and temperatures’ must be maintained at all times. Clients should always have the appropriate thermometer for the food being prepared.  All food handling standards for cold foods should be adhered to at all times.


All stationary equipment are to be used according to manufacturers’ recommendations.  No modifications to equipment is allowed.


All Department of Health regulations in the handling, preparation, and cooking of food must be followed; including proper cleaning of cutting boards, knives and utensils to avoid cross contamination of food products, and the use of gloves and appropriate head cover.



The KHCK facility is used by multiple parties. KHCK is not a peanut, tree nut, egg or dairy free kitchen. If you have issues with particular foods, please let us know before signing an agreement so we can determine if our facility is right for you.

Allergen information must be declared when labeling your product. Remember that proper sanitation of the kitchen and its equipment is vital in preventing food borne illness and allergens.


We are committed to the health and wellbeing of all those who use the kitchen as well as those who consume the products made in our kitchen.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring they or their kitchen help do not allow anyone with the following symptoms to work in the kitchen: diarrhea, fever, vomiting, jaundice, sore throat with fever, or lesions on exposed body parts. 

In addition, applicants must ensure they or their kitchen help with the following diagnosis do not work in the kitchen: salmonellosis, shigellosis. Escherichia ecoli, Hepatitis A virus, or Norovirus.

Also, we require notification and proper Department of Health required action if you, or anyone you come into contact with, is exposed to, or suspected to be exposed to, an outbreak of the above-mentioned illnesses.


If applicant does not clean the space in accordance with these guidelines, a cleaning fee will be imposed. This fee will be charged at the rate of $50 per hour, and will be based on the time taken to clean the space. The additional fee will be included in the invoice to the client. 

If applicant fails to clean the space in accordance with KHCK guidelines on more than 1 occasion, the applicants’ contract will be cancelled and the applicant will lose rental privileges. 

The Facility Coordinator will invoice the applicant for hours used from last billing period to date of cancellation, less security deposit balance. 


Proper washing and sanitizing is important for both public health and cost containment. Clients are expected to scrape and pre-rinse in the food disposal sink and follow the standard wash, rinse, sanitize procedure in the three-compartment sink. 

Scrape large food scraps, greasy/buttery equipment, animal products, etc. into the trash and pre-rinse all heavily soiled dishes, pans, and pots in the food disposal sink. This will make washing in the three-compartment sink easier, as well as save costs associated with overuse of soap and sanitizer due to changing dirty dish water.

Use the triple sink for standard wash, rinse, sanitization of all dishes and equipment. If any compartment becomes dirty or too cold, empty the compartment, clean the sink, and refill as needed. However, scraping and pre-rinsing should keep this to a minimum. 


Applicant is expected to sweep and mop the floors in all areas used, including the sink areas. Sweep under and behind tables and equipment. Replace broom and dust pan to the Janitors Closet.

Fill the mop bucket with fresh hot water and bleach (provided). When finished mopping, empty and rinse the mop bucket, rinse and ring the mop, and hang it in the Janitors Closet sink to drip dry.


First use soap and water, followed by sanitizer solution to clean all equipment, prep tables, counters and sinks used at the end of your shift. Always use a clean towel or scrubber for stubborn spills.  Dry with clean towels.

If the stove is heavily soiled, remove the grates and wash in the three-compartment sink, let dry and replace.

If the oven is heavily soiled, place a pan with an inch of water on the middle rack and turn the oven on to 350 degrees for 10 minutes to loosen spills and crumbs.  Use soap and a scrubbing pad to clean racks and oven surface.  


Wipe down walls where necessary.


Toilets are clean, stalls are clear of debris, basins are clear of debris and wiped down, trash disposed, floors are swept and mopped. 


All trash removed from facility, grounds, parking lot, street or sidewalk along Kamakahelei St.


Applicant must secure and put all unrecyclable trash bags in the trash containers located in the trash disposal site.    

If there is any leakage from the trash bag into the trash can, wash out the trash can with soap and water, let dry and replace trash can bag.

Recycling products should be placed in the designated containers. 


The Facility Coordinator will:

.  Note any cleaning infractions and/or damage to the facility, and/or equipment on the check-list and have the client initial the damage notations. 

.  Inform the client that an estimate for cleaning or repair of damages will be done within 3 days and that their security deposit will be withheld until the cleaning or repair is completed.       

.  Deduct the full cost of cleaning or repairs from the security deposit, provide the client with a copy of the cleaning or repair invoice and the balance of their security deposit.

.  Invoice the client the cost of cleaning or repairs in excess of the security deposit and request payment in full within 15 days. 

If applicant does not remit payment within 15 days, the Facility Coordinator will notify and provide all documentation related to the clients reservation to KCDC’s board for handling.

The board may opt to arrange a meeting with the client to pursue payment, impose loss of rental privileges, or take other action.


In addition to the above; the following policies/procedures are applicable to Short/Long Term Commercial clients:


In accordance with Dept. of Health Section 11-50-86 (e) (2); all applicants are required to log in and out of the facility.  Failure to comply, will result in loss of use and termination of rental contract.


Unused hours may not be carried forward.  Applicant should carefully consider how much time is needed and use any overbooked hours for preparation, organization, etc.


Invoices will be e-mailed on the 5th business day of each month. Payment must be postmarked or received by KCDC within 10 days from the date of the invoice.  Payments may be mailed to:  KCDC - P.O. Box 75658 - Kapolei, HI96707-0658


Failure to pay within 10 days from the date of the invoice will result in a late fee noted in the applicant’s application and will be added to the amount owed for that month.


If an account remains unpaid 30 days from the date of the invoice; the Facility Coordinator will refer and provide documentation to KCDC’s board for handling.  The board may opt to arrange a meeting with the client to negotiate a payment plan, pursue payment, cancel the applicants’ agreement, retain the security deposit, impose a loss of rental privileges or take other action. 


Currently there is no storage available.  Applicant must remove their personal items or equipment at the end of their reserved time.  KCDC is not responsible for applicants’ personal items or equipment.